also I’m going to go to bed now but I suppose you are all welcome to continue guessing (mostly in vain it seems) and I will confirm/deny any more guesses tomorrow morningish?


Exactly. Also the best part is how done with it he is. You can just hear “Oh god! This again!?” go through his head each time he sees some demon. I could easily imagine him looking into the camera like in the office.

Its so true! I can definitely see him doing the deadpan office-camera look. It reminds me of the recent hellboy in hell moment where he says “let’s see I got killed, fell into a hole full of giant bugs, and a big guy beat the crap out of me with a hammer. Considering the day I’m having, I think I’m doing pretty good.” </sassy hellboy>

Anonymous asked:
Nimue? Vin? Kelsier? Elend? TenSoon?

Ahh… this was another really good college try but no

Nimue aka That person I use as an avatar/icon is fabulous but not a top ten fav

And the Mistborn gang ripped my heart out and I love them all so much but I guess I didn’t think of them when I was making my list so that must say something? I would honestly consider replacing one of my top ten with Vin, but it would take some time to think about it? BUT HEY good job again? Like, you guys are hitting a lot of characters I love love love but just not the *most* beloved

Yassssss!!!! I got one! (He is my fave too.)

HELLBOY! Honestly, if it was top 15 characters Abe would have made the list no problem and he is a big dork too who likes to mope around and have a tragic destiny as well. But idk if its history for me or what- but Hellboy is just kind of a little shit but also a loveable little shit who drinks with skeletons and curses a lot and shoots lots of guns and doesn’t afraid of anything :))))))))))))))))))))))))



Okay, so far the overall score for people is 1 for 6 but hey hey, good job! Hellboy is just loveable and such a big teddy bear with a tragic destiny he is so typical for me to love, I love him so very much

Anonymous asked:
Alina starkov? Nikolai? lirael?

This is proving much more difficult than I thought
But no
Close. So close. But no to all

Anonymous asked:
Abe Sapien and Bigby Wolf?

Oh no, so close! Neither of them made TOP TEN even Though I love their stupid little faces to bits and pieces

ignifexes asked:
I want to say koschei?? For some reason this is difficult for me haha

Nope nope hahahaha I think it’s a difficult question, because I think the series I like are obvious but my favorites among them are more difficult? But Koschei is not far off the mark!



modern au called the fault in our tsars 

the entire novel is based around nikolai explaining why there are no faults in him

you put the darkness between your lips, but you don’t let it force its way into the core of your being.


can anyone guess my top 10 favorite characters

Fairytales reimagined

↳ The Little Mermaid set in Japan
Nothing gave the youngest princess such pleasure as to hear about the world of human beings up above them. Her old grandmother had to tell her all she knew about ships and cities, and of people and animals. What seemed nicest of all to her was that up on land the flowers were fragrant, for those at the bottom of the sea had no scent.


The Grisha Trilogy | inspired by

Ohhhhh!! Love this!


Sébastien Tixier 

Iceberg in Uummannaq

Fairy Tale Meme:

9 Heroines - [The Shepherd’s Daughter from Prince Lindworm]

When the feast was over, the bridegroom and bride were conducted to their apartment, with music, and torches, and a great procession. As soon as the door was shut, the Lindworm turned to her and said, “Fair maiden, shed a shift!” The shepherd’s daughter answered him, “Prince Lindworm, slough a skin!”—“No one has ever dared tell me to do that before!” said he.—“But I command you to do it now!” said she. 

  • Step 1: like a thing
  • Step 2: find a few close friends who also like the thing
  • Step 3: don't talk to anyone else in the fandom literally those 5-6 persons are your fandom